Frequently Asked Questions


1 What is Liberia eLMIS?

Liberia eLMIS is a web based platform to collect, aggregate and disseminate pharmaceutical stock related status of Liberia health system. The Dashboard will optimize the use of existing stock management, dispensing and continuous performance system.

2 I have come to the dashboard but do not see any data or reports, why?

Liberia eLMIS is a secured system and only authorized users will have access to the dashboard. Click on Register Here button in the dashboard home page or click HERE to apply for registration in the dashboard. An administrator will review your information and provide proper permission to access certain area of the dashboard. Please use a valid email address when registering. You will receive an email when your access is approved.

3 I am trying to log in with my Username and Password, but the dashboard does not let me in, why?

Either you are typing the Username or Password wrong, or you may have the Caps Lock key on in the keyboard. If you cannot remember your Password, you can change it from 'Forgot Your Password?' link in Login page or from HERE . Make sure you can access your mailbox, because password change process would send an email to the mail address linked with your account.

4 Liberia eLMIS is a web based system, which browser is best for working or viewing the site?

The dashboard works best with any version of Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Apple Safari browser also works, but we do not recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge.

5 Do I have to logout after completing my work?

You should normally logout from top right corner of the browser window after you are done with your work in the dashboard.

6 I see two words 'AMC' and 'MOS' used everywhere in the dashboard. What do these two words mean?

AMC stands for Average Monthly Consumption, which is normally average of 3 months dispense of any commodity. MOS stands for Month of Stock. Which is calculated as Closing Balance divided by AMC. MOS is used in logistics terms to identify how many months you will be able to use a certain product based on available stock.

Data Entry

1 An existing health facility in my area have recently received permission to run LMIS program. How do I give the permission in dashboard?

If you have Facility Entry role, you will be able to open Data Entry > Facility Entry page. Search for the facility name and press the Green Edit button at the right side of the facility information. A new page opens up to show the details of the facility. Scroll down the page. If the facility is new in LMIS program, press 'Add Record' button at the right corner. Select Product Group, Supply From, Start Month and Start Year boxes. The site is now ready for LMIS program in the dashboard.

2 Why I do not see any option to add new Product in the dashboard?

Adding new Product is only available for Product Entry role of the Liberia eLMIS. Possibly you do not have Product Entry permissions.

Monthly LMIS data entry

1 Who has permissions to enter LMIS data in the dashboard?

Currently District Pharmacist, District Information officer and Hospital Pharmacists have been allowed to enter LMIS data (RRIV stock status report) in the dashboard.

2 What is the normal workflow of data entry/upload for a facility?

After receiving manual filled in RRIV from a facility, District Information Officer should enter the report in the Entry Forms > LMIS Monthly Report entry page. Then he has to SUBMIT the report. After submission he will not have any option to edit again. District Pharmacist will review the report, can make necessary updates and PUBLISH. After publishing the report it is automatically available for reporting. For hospitals, Hospital Pharmacist will enter/SUBMIT and District Pharmacist will PUBLISH. For bomi hospitals (who receive directly from CW), Hospital Pharmacist will enter/SUBMIT/PUBLISH.

3 Where do I go to check which facility reports have been entered/uploaded in dashboard for any quarter?

Go to Facility Report > Facility Reporting Status report to see the reporting status information. Select the appropriate quarter/year and search for the facility name. You will see data entry, submission and publishing status.

4 How do I rectify an LMIS report after it is published?

After an LMIS report is published, only administrator has option to Unpublish the report. After unpublish the report is open for editing by entry operator and the report need to be submitted and published again.

5 The RRIV from health facility has calculation error, what should I do?

Dashboard will not allow entry of stock status with calculation error. To rectify the calculation problem, if required, you can enter Adjustment Quantity, and put Adjustment Reason as 'Adjusted by District'. Please also ask the facility to correct the report.

6 Why some of the products in the LMIS report has RED color background?

When a new LMIS report is created in the dashboard or uploaded from Excel template, you may see some of the rows having red background. Those rows have calculation problems. After you complete data entry in those lines - and calculation becomes correct, the red background will go away.

7 Can I do data entry offline, without internet?

Yes, dashboard has option to download Excel template for each facility and you can fill up the template without internet connection. After you are done filling up, you can upload the Excel file in the dashboard. During download and upload you would need active internet connection. But data entry in Excel template can be done offline, without any internet.

8 How do I download Excel templates for all of the facilities under my district?

In the Data Entry > Generate LMIS Excel Template page, select your region and district. Make sure 'All Facility' is selected under Facility. Then click on 'Export Excel Template' button. Dashboard will give a zip file containing Excel template of all facility under the district.

9 I have Excel template downloaded last month, can I use those template for uploading data this quarter?

No, Excel template need to be downloaded every quarter for each facility. Because it contains the opening balance for the specific quarter filled in.


1 Where can I go to see the total stock of the country?

Go to National Reports > National Stock Status Report page to see the stock status of the country which is total of central warehouse, county depot and all facilities stock.

2 Where can I find the facilities which are stockout in a certain product?

Go to Facility Reports > Facility Stock Status by Product report. Select a product, select 'Stockout' tab and the report will show stockout facilities in Google Map and Table.